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What's new?

A successful response to COVID-19 in Zambia shows that COVID-19 can be combatted using SALT.

The COVID threat may be new but the response to make is already proven.


We know deeply that local communities:

  • have capacity that can be strengthened
  • can address division, stigma and discrimination
  • can deal with conflict issues like HIV, AIDS, Ebola and civil war.

Healing starts with 'listening to story' ... simple and profound.

Reconciliation and forgiveness – so necessary – become possible.

'Local movement for care and change' becomes a recognisable pattern ... globally.

See: how we work.

[Website last updated 6 February 2021]

Respect and change

Icon of TOGETHER film

In 1987 a young man killed himself – in Sianyoolo, Zambia.

His tiny village was rocked – but they responded. Within three years national policy on HIV and AIDS had changed. Then policy changed globally. See 1990 extract. [PDF 800KB]

That village sparked a worldwide movement. Thousands of local communities took action and improved their lives.

Conversations in local neighbourhoods can change the world. Actually it's just one conversation. It's global and local. It's within and between local homes and communities, governments and global organisations.

The worse the conflict and stigma, the better the conversation works. Whether COVID-19, HIV, AIDS, Ebola and many other conflict causes – they all improve. When our voices and actions are expressed locally they can be amplified into global change.

The process and principles are simple and inexpensive – and they're also quite particular. It's a specific art.

Start by watching affirm's online film 'TOGETHER'. Study other materials on this website. They're useful – but understanding will come when you allow yourself to experience the conversation personally such as through applying the SALT protocol.

As to affirm - well, we're here to support and encourage you.

  • We're more a community of practice than an organisation.
  • We follow our belief that people in their homes and neighbourhoods can respond to critical challenges from their human strengths.
  • We believe that organisations need to adapt their practice and policy as their response.
  • We believe they can do so by intentionally learning from the local response by immersing themselves in local response through applying the SALT protocol.

We've followed and nurtured this conversation for over thirty years – and it still refreshes, inspires, reconciles and astounds us!

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